Kellen Argos is an Argosi spellslinger, castradazi and Shadowblack enigmatist, formerly of the Jan'Tep. He acts as the primary protagonist and narrator of the series.

Biography Edit

Born and raised as the eldest child and only son of the influential House of Ke, Kellen was banded in shadow by his grandmother, Seren'tia, when he was a child. Believing that the Shadowblack drew upon magical ability, his parents repeatedly cast evocations in order to weaken his connection to the six forms of magic, in an attempt to weaken the affects of the Shadowblack, although this simply had the effect of disguising his symptoms.

At the age of 16, after being called out for winning a mage's duel through trickery by his sister Shalla, Kellen was attacked and almost killed, only being saved by the arrival of an Argosi wanderer who he formed a close friendship with.

Kellen and his sister were later attacked by members of the Sha'Tep conspiracy and Kellen was saved by the arrival of a nekhek, who was captured by Jan'Tep mages.

The Sha'Tep Conspiracy Edit

By the time of his sixteenth birthday, Kellen's power had diminished to the extent that he was unable to cast basic spells while within the Oasis, which forced him to use trickery and cunning to win a mage's duel. He challenged Tennat, a powerful initiate from the opposing House of Ra, to a duel using Iron magic. Having distracted Tennat by claiming to have a power animal, his opponent lost control of his magic and was forced to yield.

Despite having won the duel, Kellen's sister Shalla accused him of cheating and attacked him with iron magic, stopping his heart. Although the mages around him attempted to save him, he was resuscitated by Ferius Parfax, a travelling Argosi.

While returning to his house with Ke'heops, Shalla, and Ferius, they were accosted by Ra'meth, leader of the House of Ra, and his sons.

Having returned home, Ferius teaches Kellen some card games, and gives him the basics of throwing cards. Later that day, Kellen was summoned to meet the Dowager Magus, to discuss the appearance of Ferius Parfax.

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Magical Ability Edit

As a banded Jan'Tep initiate, Kellen had access to the six fundamental magics used by Jan'Tep mages, although due to his parents' use of evocations, his ability became significantly weaker as he grew up.

After freeing and being bitten by Reichis in Spellslinger, Kellen sparked his breath band, giving him access to significantly more powerful forms of breath magic. Kellen eventually combined the Carath breath evocation with some of Ferius' reactive painting powders to direct explosions.

After being revealed to have shadowblack, however, his parents counterbanded the majority of his bands, preventing him from using all but the breath branches of magic before he escaped.

His experimentation in Soulbinder showed that, had he not been counterbanded, he would have had access to ember magic. In an attempt to rebuild their relationship and persuade Kellen to assist him, Ke'heops broke one of the counterbands on Kellen's ember band, promising to continue research into means of breaking the remaining counterbands.

Kellen is unique in that he was banded in shadow around his eye by his grandmother, causing him to become shadowblack. After visiting the Ebony Abbey, he discovered he was an enigmatist, which would, with practice, allow him to reveal secrets by looking at people.

Kellen is also one of the few people with a knack to using castragenzia as a 'coin-dancer'. He therefore has access to a number of magical abilities through his coins, such as unlocking bindings, dowsing for water, and detecting if people are lying.

Personality Edit

Raised as a privileged child of an influential Jan'Tep family, Kellen was mostly blind to the injustices of Jan'Tep society until he began to lose his power. Despite this self-centred view of the world, after some time journeying alongside the Argosi Ferius Parfax, he gradually changed into a more accepting person.

Raised believing the Jan'Tep propaganda of the Mahdek, even after the revelation of the truth by the Dowager Magus, he often became defensive of the Jan'Tep when talking with Ferius, although introspectively he often criticised the Jan'Tep society as unfair.

Relationships Edit

Ferius Parfax Edit

Ferius is both a mentor figure for Kellen, and one of his closest friends. Travelling together for a long time, Ferius appeared to be acting as Kellen's maetri or instructor in the ways of the Argosi, although she denied teaching him any 'Argosi secrets'. After Kellen left Ferius and Nephenia, Ferius was heartbroken, despite the Argosi learning to put aside sentimentality.

Reichis Edit

Despite apparently having a very antagonistic and impartial 'business arrangement', Reichis is clearly Kellen's closest friend. Although squirrel cats are supposedly unsentimental and willing to leave at any difficulty, Reichis is shown to support Kellen even in difficult situations, and the two of them have a very close relationship, despite Reichis' many insults and tendency to steal from Kellen. He really loves eyeballs and ears.

Nephenia Edit

Kellen's crush from a young age, Nephenia seemed to not pay him much attention until he challenged Tennat to a mage's duel. Since then, Nephenia has shown reciprocated feelings for Kellen, helping him unearth the Sha'Tep conspiracy, and kissing him on the last day of their trials. After they meet again in Charmcaster, Nephenia had changed significantly, both physically and emotionally, leading to a slightly uncertain re-introduction, although the relationship soon bloomed again. Even after Kellen left Ferius and Nephenia at the end of Charmcaster, she continued to search for him, eventually catching up with him and rescuing him from the Ebony Abbey with Reichis.

Pan'erath Edit

Close friends throughout initiation, Kellen's relationship with Pan'erath was quickly strained due to Pan's loyalty towards the Jan'Tep and his belief in the arcanocracy. With Kellen apparently becoming a Sha'Tep and defending an accused Daroman spy, Pan'erath chose loyalty to the Jan'Tep over his friendship and became one of Kellen's bitterest enemies.

The House of Ra Edit

Tennat Edit

Kellen's long-standing feud with Tennat of House Ra was likely caused by a combination of factors. Firstly, the enmity between the patriarchs of their Houses, coupled with the Jan'Tep loyalty to family likely led to an already antagonistic relationship that was only worsened by Tennat's bullying nature and belittling of Kellen as a Sha'Tep.

Ra'meth Edit

Even prior to Spellslinger, Kellen likely participated in the family enmity between Ke'heops' and Ra'meth's Houses, although he was at least grudgingly respectful towards the Lord Magus. After Ra'meth's murder of the Sha'Tep conspirators, including Kellen's uncle Abydos, and the massacre of Reichis' clan, however, Kellen considered Ra'meth a personal enemy that personified everything wrong with the Jan'Tep. Although convinced not to execute an unconscious Ra'meth by Ferius, Kellen delivered Lord Ra'meth to face judgement by the Jan'Tep.

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Seneira Thrane Edit

Kellen meets Seneira in Shadowblack and although she despises him at first, their relationship begins to bloom after learning that Seneira also has the Shadowblack. They share their first kiss and Seneira is prepared to go with him to stay safe from the mages who are trying to cause war in the continent. However, Kellen disappears at dawn, with Reichis and Ferius.

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