Reichis is a foul-mouthed and sarcastic squirrel cat who acts as Kellen's 'business partner' and, although unwilling to admit it, closest friend.

First introduced mercy-killing a lame puppy, Reichis is captured by the Jan'Tep and tortured by three Jan'Tep initiates, before being rescued by Kellen. Reichis then returns the favour when Kellen is being counter-banded, before unwillingly helping Kellen rescue Ferius Parfax and Shalla.

After the destruction of Reichis' pack at the hands of Ra'meth, Reichis became Kellen's business partner and left with him to accompany Ferius Parfax.

Appearance Edit

As a squirrel cat, Reichis can change the colour and pattern of his fur at will, whether to match his surroundings or threaten enemies. His camouflaging abilities are also affected by his mood, leading to his fur becoming pink when extremely embarrassed.

Reichis also has the usual squirrel cat 'wings' - flaps of skin between his fore- and hind-legs that allow him to glide, which he uses to attack his enemies from above.

Personality Edit

Reichis appears to have a strong kleptomaniacal streak, as he steals incessantly, especially from Kellen, and even when doing so makes life harder for Kellen and the group. Reichis seems to justify this by claiming that all squirrel cats are naturally thieves - presenting a list of expensive items that his clan would expect in return for helping Kellen.

Further, Reichis is shown to be violent and enjoys 'murdering' rabbits, along with threatening to eat the ears and eyeballs of most of the people he meets: from outright enemies, to random strangers, to his closest friends.

From his first meeting with Kellen, Reichis is rude and sarcastic. While he never grows out of this personality - continuing to insult everyone and anyone he meets - he grows closer to Kellen and in many cases tones down his insults when Kellen is feeling bad.

Connection with Kellen Edit

Although Reichis normally speaks in the chittering animal language of squirrel cats, his connection with Kellen allows the human to translate Reichis' words, although this ability does not extend to other squirrel cats. The bond between Reichis and Kellen was originally passed through saliva, when Reichis bit Kellen after the boy freed him. This is seen again when Chitra, Reichis' mother, bites Kellen, which allows him to understand her last words.

This bond lasts until Reichis is grievously wounded at the start of Soulbinder. Although Shalla and Nephenia are able to keep Reichis alive, he was so badly injured that the bond between them was broken, although Kellen still knew him well enough to guess at rough translations of Reichis' predictable threats.

Kellen and Reichis' bond is reformed at the end of Soulbinder when Diadera passes her Shadowblack on to Reichis, allowing Kellen and Reichis to communicate through their shared plane of Shadow as Kellen and Diadera had.

Trivia Edit

  • Reichis greatly enjoys hot baths and butter biscuits.
  • Reichis intensely dislikes alligators.
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